Work for yourself once in a while

Ben Ackland
Co-Founder & Managing Director

This article was originally featured in the Desklodge Bristol monthly newsletter.

Hi, I'm Ben (on the right) and I work on the 4th floor at DeskLodge Bristol with my colleagues Matt, Chris and Adam. In the spring, after completing a large customer project - a guest management system for corporate events - we took a couple of days out to work on something for ourselves: a mobile app for tracking the value of the XRP cryptocurrency.

We thoroughly enjoyed it - doing something for us, but that's useful to others - I even gave a short talk on the process at an SWmobile meetup. Since then we've had a second short sprint and we shipped v2 last month.

I've been managing web / app projects and teams for many years and I've really come to see the benefits of every member of the team using their skills for their own sake once in a while. I hope you get the opportunity to do the same now and then too.