XRPiggy: from idea to App Store

For a few years now we've had a keen interest in the ups and downs of the world of cryptocurrencies. They represent an interesting technical solution with massive (but as yet mostly unrealised) potential to solve some real-world problems.

One particular cryptocurrency that has captured our attention is the XRP token. Some previous colleagues of ours have followed the development of XRP (and Ripple, the company championing it) since the early days, and as a result we have a growing group of friends who have a vested interest in the value of XRP. (For an easy-to-read introduction to XRP and cryptocurrencies, check out the blog of our friend and previous colleague Matt Hamilton. A great place to start is are his articles Intro to Ripple and XRP and Banks are dead. Long live banks).

At we are passionate about taking complex ideas and making them accessible. With that in mind we wanted to create a really simple mobile app that would allow us and our XRP-following friends to track the value of XRP and any investments they had made.

I (Matt) had already set up a basic script on my laptop to check my XRP balance and value using the Ripple Data API and CryptoCompare. Thanks to the Ionic Framework we use, we managed to turn this into a proof of concept app in an afternoon!

After that we spent a couple of days refining and polishing the UI (and fighting with the App Store submission process!) and christened the result XRPiggy!

The initial app release provides the following features:

  • Access to your current XRP balance (via your public Ripple wallet key)
  • The value of your XRP balance in 3 major fiat currencies (GBP, EUR, USD)
  • Pull-to-refresh action to stay up to date!

See below for a preview, or download the app for iOS here.

Stay tuned for our planned future updates, including an Android release, additional fiat currencies and support for multiple wallets!